Trends | 04-Jul-2017

We are fast approaching the day when AI powers all the software we write. The idea of AI as separate to a technology solution will become inconceivable. It is therefore remarkable the number of companies, new and old, forming business plans and marketing campaigns around their AI.

News | 28-Apr-2017
Late last year we created The Studio, an innovation department that works across the agency. Not that we didn’t do innovation before, but we felt compelled to create a standalone function that would serve us, our clients and probably the industry as a whole. Here’s why…
News | 20-Apr-2017

Earlier this week at Facebook’s developer conference, F8, Mark Zuckerberg outlined Facebook’s ambition to be the leading augmented reality (AR) platform. To aid this they have created a developer platform that has launched in beta, opening up the creation of experiences to developers around the world. Soon users will discover thousands of new filters and augmented experiences they can play with.

Jobs | 03-Apr-2017

We're always looking for people who relish a challenge and who strive to push themselves in the pursuit of excellence - whether full of experience or raw graduates on the cusp of an exciting career.

Trends | 14-Nov-2015

Like many software development companies, we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and deliver more value to our customers.

News | 02-Nov-2015

It’s become a bit of a running joke now, but in the early part of January (ahem..2013 - or maybe even long ago as 2012!) we decided that our own website needed a fresh coat of paint and a few bits of new furniture as it had been afforded very little love and affection over the past few years. So off we trotted. . .